Why Choose New Development To Invest In?

Why Choose New Development To Invest In? If you are still with us, you’ve likely decided that passive real estate investing might fit in your overall investment portfolio. So far, I have explained why Steve and I have decided to create private investments opportunities, what the benefits are in comparison to traditional investments and what […]

Active vs. Passive Investing

What is the REAL difference between ACTIVE and PASSIVE Investing? At this point in our series on Real Asset Investing, you should be familiar with how StoneCrest Equity Partners is accumulating multiple pieces of real estate using a syndication fund. Once we acquire, develop and stabilize these assets we share in the cashflow and equity with […]

Syndications Strategy

How to BOOST your INVESTMENT RETURNS Welcome to installment #3 of StoneCrest Equity Partners introduction series on investing in Real Estate for maximum wealth growth. So far you have learned about the tax benefits of real estate investing and why Steve and I believe in Real Estate syndications are the best investment strategy for increasing […]

Syndications 101

What is a SIMPLE way to INCREASE your WEALTH? That is a question we have been trying to answer for years. Since, I have been involved in the world of new construction and housing rentals for 36 years now, you would think that I would have a pretty broad knowledge base on all things’ real […]

Ouch! Stung by your tax bill?

We feel your pain. Paying taxes is never fun. My husband, Steve, and I used to dread April 15th every year. Not any more. In the most recent years we have been able to significantly reduce our tax bill and its 100% legal. We discovered how to do this almost by accident. Here is how […]