Ouch! Stung by your tax bill?

We feel your pain. Paying taxes is never fun. My husband, Steve, and I used to dread April 15th every year. Not any more. In the most recent years we have been able to significantly reduce our tax bill and its 100% legal.

We discovered how to do this almost by accident. Here is how it happened:

In 2007 Steve and I started investing in real estate to add a component of income that was not dependent upon generating sale after sale. We were hoping to generate a recurring income stream that did not require massive amounts of work to achieve.

We found the answer in rental real estate

By buying properties and putting tenants in place, we created rental returns without much effort. We soon discovered that one of the major benefits of such an arrangement is the tax savings. By properly structuring each project, we were able to implement strategies that include accelerated depreciation and energy credits to eliminate the tax on any income earned. Some of these benefits also offset income from other sources.

This was initially a side gig for us, but it soon became apparent that this was a much better model than purchasing blocks of developed building lots and hoping to sell custom homes. And after the industry turmoil of Covid-19, we decided we wanted help people grow their wealth rather that sell them overpriced homes with high interest rates.

So began StoneCrest Equity Partners. We are now building investment properties for like-minded people who want to be financially free with less work. We do what we do best, build things, and split the cash flow and profits with our partners.

Our goal is to preserve the value of your current capital, generate cashflow and increase generational wealth.

Contrary to that overvalued house of cards referred to as Wall Street, Real Estate is REAL! For this reason, it is an excellent way to diversify your retirement plan. Like precious metals, and oil,  it won’t disappear during a recession making it the perfect hedge against heavily weighted stock portfolios. 

If you are interested in how real estate can benefit your portfolio, please add  us to your email whitelist. This is the beginning of a series of newsletters that we hope will be educational and add value to your personal investment plan. Tax savings are only one of the many benefits of investing in Real Estate. Stay tuned to learn more or schedule a call and ask me anything.

At StoneCrest we have decided to stop contributing to the problem of ever higher real estate costs. Instead, we are now building properties for investors that will provide income streams and equity growth.

Our goal is to preserve the value of your current capital, generate cashflow and increase generational wealth.

If you are interested investing in Real Assets, then consider the StoneCrest Prosperity Fund. Click the link below to join our StoneCrest Equity Partners Alliance. We currently have two projects coming out of the ground. We will be hosting a meetup in May and a tour in June. Be sure to sign up to receive updates on these events.