the power of vertical intergration

At Stonecrest Equity Partners we aim to maximize our investors returns by controlling every stage of our projects. Having one company responsible for the acquisition, development, construction, asset management and property management of each project allows us to laser focus on minimizing risk and maximizing returns.r properties.


Development & Entitlement

We focus on creating projects that are cost effective and make sense to build. Extensive due diligence and practical application help minimize risky outcomes.


Since our primary objective is creating the best possible product to ensure client satisfaction, each decision during construction concentrates on reducing costs, accelerating timelines and maximizing quality.

Property & Asset Management

Day to day decision are made with the end goal in mind. Reduced maintenance, tenant longevity and property value are all considered before anything is executed.

Who We Are


Steve & Tracy LaMarr are owners of several successful businesses in the Tri-Cities. They are full time accredited investors and have lived in the area for over 35 years. They have over 85 years of combined real estate experience. Their journey up to this point has included land development, single family residences, multi-family projects, commercial retail, commercial office, restaurants and light industrial.

They also have a portfolio of real estate that has consistently achieved a 99% occupancy rate.

This combination or experience coupled with their deep rooted values makes them an excellent choice to find, acquire, entitle, develop and manage new construction projects for investors.

Deliver on promises and commitments
Work with a sense of urgency
Communicate clearly, listen
Be proactive not reactive
Treat others with respect & integrity

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