Syndications 101

What is a SIMPLE way to INCREASE your WEALTH? That is a question we have been trying to answer for years. Since, I have been involved in the world of new construction and housing rentals for 36 years now, you would think that I would have a pretty broad knowledge base on all things’ real […]

Ouch! Stung by your tax bill?

We feel your pain. Paying taxes is never fun. My husband, Steve, and I used to dread April 15th every year. Not any more. In the most recent years we have been able to significantly reduce our tax bill and its 100% legal. We discovered how to do this almost by accident. Here is how […]

How To Retire Early

Everyone dreams of retiring early and drinking cocktails by the beach, but nobody has a concrete answer when asked how they plan to do it. In fact, “Win the Lottery” is the most common response. Winning the lottery may be a funny answer, but how most Americans plan for retirement is not far from that […]

Why UHNWIs Prefer Private Investments

There’s this public perception that the wealthy are wealthy because they inherited their wealth, got a lucky break, or stumbled onto their wealth, but most are self-made. The ultra-wealthy (aka ultra-high-net-worth individuals or UHNWIs) got where they are because of their efforts. Still, they achieved financial freedom by doing the opposite of everyone else. They […]