INVEST IN private equity

helping busy professionals achieve more wealth

StoneCrest Equity Partners is a privately held investment company based out of Tri-Cities Washington. We focus on the development and management of income-generating real estate through syndication (group investments).

If you are tired of having to work harder to achieve more, we understand. We once had the same problem. Not anymore, we have found a solution in Real Asset investing and have decided to dedicate our time helping other like-minded professionals achieve more wealth with less work.

Let Us Explain:

Traditional investments leave alot to be desired

We believe investing in Real Assets, primarily Real Estate, has a distinct advantage over standard investments such as the stock market. Traditional investments are wrought with:

Mediocre Returns At Best

No Tax Benefits

High Fees

High Market Volatility

No Hedge Against Inflation


Why Real Estate Should Be In Your Investment Plan


At StoneCrest Equity Partners we believe in the power of Real Assets. Investments that are tangible, built by real people and located on main street, not Wall Street. The benefits of owning real estate include: 

Cashflow: Any Cash Excess over expenses is distributed to shareholders quarterly.
Amortization: Tenants pay our debt through this results in higher equity.
Tax Benefits: Real Estate allows for depreciation expense which is a tax write-off that enables you to keep more of your profits.
Appreciation: New development projects offer instant equity upon stabilization and as inflation rises so does the property value.
Stability: Real Estate is less volatile than the stock market and always outperforms the SP500. Plus, changes are much more slow moving, allowing for adjustments prior to market corrections.
Leverage: Leverage has it's benefits. It allows you to buy $10 Million dollar property with only $3 Million and as a limited partner your risk is limited to your investment.

How We Work

1. Join

Start by joining our Professional Alliance. A community of people just like you, who are looking to grow their wealth and achieve financial freedom.

2. Learn

Once you join we will be able to learn more about you and your financial goals, share our resources and help you achieve a plan for wealth growth.

3. Connect

If your personal plan calls for it, we will help you invest passively in real estate, alongside us, so you can create ongoing passive income.

4. Live Life Fully

With our help, you will be building a stream of passive (no work!) income, helping you get one step closer to financial freedom.

Imagine living free of financial worry due to your ongoing cash flow from Real Asset investing. What would you pursue? Who would you visit more? Where would you go? Our primary motivation at SEP, is to help our partners get to this level of intentional living. Join us in our pursuit. Click below to learn more.