Why Us



Agile for Change

Stonecrest Equity is built for change by remaining agile and flexible in our investment philosophy. Our success has taught us to leverage opportunity in today’s fast-moving markets so we don’t become a statistic.

Transparency & Accessibility

While there’s a loss of transparency with larger Wall Street firms, we believe you should be able to speak one-on-one with us. The only way to have lasting success is to offer full transparency and be accessible to our investors. 

Expertise in Private Markets

Traditional investments fluctuate wildly in response to economic and geopolitical uncertainties, as demonstrated by political tensions at home and a worldwide pandemic. Our investors prefer stable, consistent investments over the latest fad investment.



Leveraging sophisticated forecasting methodologies and advanced data analysis instruments bolstered by our collective experience spanning over five decades, we possess the capability to discern and assess market opportunities, frequently eluding smaller investment consortia and sizeable institutional investors. Our competitive edge stems from our amassed multifamily acumen and prowess within the asset class, in conjunction with a steadfast emphasis on the robust, time-tested fundamentals of the multifamily rental market, as well as geographic diversification, which facilitates the procurement of assets exhibiting diminished risk and a protracted focus on value and cash flow generation.

Our principals and advisors’ long-standing affiliations cultivated within the banking sector, private equity establishments, real estate assemblages, and asset management entities give rise to preferential transactional flow and preemptive access to acquisition prospects. Our proprietary data assessment and multifaceted management contingent empower us to pinpoint critical sub-markets and revenue-generating assets that endow your portfolio with the benefits of authentic diversification. Each investment decision is predicated upon our team’s exhaustive expertise and well-established connections within these specialized asset categories.

These competitive attributes avail qualified investors of investment alternatives that would have been otherwise challenging to secure or altogether unattainable. Historically, alternative fund investments have been exclusive to the privileged, well-connected investor class. Our mission is to render these funds more accessible to those investors meeting the requisite qualifications.