Steve LaMarr

Steve LaMarr is co-founder and Client Relations Manager at StoneCrest Equity Partners, LLC. Throughout his career, Steve has spoken with thousands of clients and has always positioned himself as a Solution Partner. Whether it was someone needing to buy parts at his dad’s lumber yard, a custom new home or passive real estate investment, Steve always puts the client’s needs forefront to ensure the investment matches.

Given that Steve has a bachelor’s degree in English Arts, it is not surprising that his strongest belief is in good communication. He believes that most problems could be solved if people would just communicate effectively. He takes personal pride in assuring each and every client is understood, informed and completely clear on the solutions that we tailor to their personal investment philosophy.

Steve has personal and professional experience in a variety of investment assets. He is experienced in all types of Real Assets from oil, gas, precious metals, Real estate (long & short term ), Solar tax savings Etc., He is especially skilled at matching you with the investment that best meets your needs.